The doctor named the main symptom of the omicron strain of coronavirus

Endocrinologist Pavlova: severe fatigue is one of the main symptoms of the omicron strain Radio Sputnik reported that severe fatigue is one of the main symptoms of infection with the omicron strain of coronavirus.

However, this symptom is typical for various diseases, the specialist noted. According to her, it is difficult for a person without medical education to figure out when a feeling of fatigue is associated with overwork, and when – with illness.

Pavlova noted that after an examination, a doctor can find out, “that this is not just a blues, lack of sunlight or accumulated physical fatigue, namely the symptoms of an incipient or progressive disease. ”

The specialist added that coronavirus infection causes serious disruptions in many body systems. According to her, the feeling of fatigue that occurs in those infected can be caused by serious changes in the immune system, in the work of the brain or in the tissue of the nervous system. “The properties of blood change greatly, which impairs the blood supply to many organs, so we feel physically weak. All this together manifests itself in a weakened muscle tone, a suppressed emotional background, “Pavlova explained.

The endocrinologist urged, when such a symptom as severe fatigue appears, to play it safe and take a PCR test for COVID-19.

Earlier, therapist, candidate of medical sciences Aleksey Khukhrev said that when infected with any strain of coronavirus, two of its main symptoms may appear. The specialist ranked them as headaches and prolonged fever.