The doctor named the main contraindications for vaccination against COVID-19

Doctor Yartseva: a contraindication to the vaccine is an exacerbation of chronic diseases “The main contraindications for vaccination against COVID-19.

” The main contraindications are any chronic diseases in the acute stage, for example, decompensation of diabetes mellitus or some autoimmune processes in a state of decompensation. Now they have become aggravated – you need to go to the doctor, the doctor will stabilize the condition, after that you can use drugs, ”the doctor said.

Also, according to Yartseva, it is undesirable to be vaccinated with ARVI, acute bronchitis and sore throat, first you need to recover, and two weeks later, you can give the vaccine.

“Allergies are not a contraindication, if it is not at the time of an exacerbation, the same bronchial asthma or some atopic dermatitis. Aggravation – stabilized and please, because the vaccine itself is not allergenic. If, of course, there were indications that a person developed an anaphylactic reaction to the introduction of any vaccine, this is considered a contraindication, “Yartseva said.

The doctor noted that each case is individual, and consultation is always necessary specialist. “If you are worried about the condition, you have questions, come and find out with the doctor, if there is a chronic process in the stage of exacerbation, you first stop it, and then you get colitis. There are very few contraindications, “she concluded.

Earlier, Izvestia, citing sources, reported that the Ministry of Health is preparing an expanded list of contraindications for vaccination against coronavirus.



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