The doctor linked the presence of a beard with the risk of getting cancer

Surgeon Rangarjan said that having a beard in men reduces the risk of cancer talked about the unexpected benefits of wearing a beard. In the video, he explained that men with beards are less susceptible to bacterial infections. The doctor also linked the presence of a beard with a reduced risk of cancer.

“Experts have compared hospital workers with and without a beard. The study found that clean-shaven individuals are three times more likely to encounter the dangerous bacterium methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), ”said the doctor. He explained that the bacterium is resistant to many commonly used antibiotics and is more difficult to recover from than many other infections. “The result could be because shaving creates damage that is an ideal breeding ground for these bacteria,” he suggested.

In addition, the doctor noted that the beard reduces the risk of skin cancer and sunburn … It has been scientifically proven that having facial hair reduces UV exposure by a third compared to clean-shaven faces, he said. However, he urged not to give up sunscreen.

According to the specialist, a beard can also provide men with soft skin. “This is because the beard not only protects the skin from aging by blocking the sun's rays, but it also acts as a barrier that prevents you from constantly touching your face,” Rangarjan noted.

Previously reported that the Beard Olympics were held in Germany, in which men competed for the title of the owner of the best beard. 100 men from Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Israel and Germany gathered in the German city of Eging am See to participate in the championship.