The dangers of COVID-19 vaccination during a cold explained to the Russians

Immunologist Skorpileva: COVID-19 vaccination for colds can lead to exacerbations

COVID-19 vaccination during a cold exacerbations of chronic diseases. This danger was named by the immunologist, candidate of medical sciences Zoya Skorpileva, her words are quoted by URA.RU.

In addition to chronic diseases, according to the specialist, vaccination can lead to the activation of latent diseases and a hyperimmune reaction.

“We do not know if they can synergize (strengthen – approx.” “), or vice versa, antagonize (fight) with each other, therefore, the condition may worsen, immunity to this vaccination, “Skorpileva explained, noting that during a period of illness, one cannot be vaccinated not only against COVID-19, but also against other diseases.

She noted that one cannot be vaccinated even if there was contact with the patient human. The doctor advised to wait two weeks and then go to get vaccinated.

Earlier, the therapist, immunologist Irina Yartseva, in an interview with, named the main contraindications for vaccination against coronavirus. According to her, they are any chronic diseases in the acute stage, for example, decompensation of diabetes mellitus.