Sobchak bought an apartment for a victim of a sect who had been homeless for many years

Ksenia Sobchak bought a two-room apartment in Novosibirsk for a victim of the Vissarion sect Vissarion. A woman who had been homeless for many years became the owner of a two-room apartment in Novosibirsk. This was announced by Sobchak in the show “Caution: News” on her YouTube channel.

The Russian woman was provided with real estate in a new building with all the necessary furniture and household appliances. The woman noted that she had never had to cook on such a modern stove and have her own washing machine.

Before that, the Russian woman had been homeless for 29 years. After joining the sect in the 1990s, a woman with a 10-year-old son sold her apartment in Moscow to go to Michurinsk to join like-minded people. She gave the proceeds seven thousand dollars to the sectarians, and then for 14 years wandered with the child in abandoned houses and sheds. After that she was given a shack in the village of Kuragino, Krasnoyarsk Territory. The Russian woman did not dare to file a complaint with the police. In the documentary film Sobchak about the sect, the woman admitted that she considered Vissarion a holy man and was afraid of going to hell for complaining.

In September 2020, the head of the Church of the Last Testament sect, Sergei Torop, known as Vissarion, was arrested for two months for the creation of a religious association, whose activities were accompanied by violence against citizens. In the past, the founder of the sect worked as a locksmith, and in 1991 he declared himself Vissarion, and then – the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Followers of Torop live in several settlements in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.