Sergei Kirienko became one of the creators of the symbol of “Great Change”

Sergei Kiriyenko took part in the creation of the symbol of “Great Change” – the cat Vzhukh

On December 3 at the International Forum of Civil Participation #WeTogether First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Sergei Kiriyenko visited the stands of the presidential platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities”, as well as the All-Russian contests “ Big Change “and” Your Turn “, which they enter.

The finalists of the Big Change competition Nikita Pavlov and Polina Grishaeva gave Sergei Kiriyenko a tour of the stand and talked about the volunteer projects of schoolchildren who reached the final of the We Are Together award. The stand program is dedicated to the topic of equal opportunities for the realization of each child and assistance to children with disabilities.

Sergei Kirienko took part in a master class conducted by the mother of two winners of the Big Change competition – pupils of grades 8 and 10 – Anna Filtsova from the Nizhny Novgorod region. In the author's master class on the creation of toy cats Vzhukhov – symbols of the “Big Change”. All manufactured toys will be donated to charitable foundations for children with serious illnesses and disabilities as symbols of New Year's miracles and invitations to become members of the Big Change community. Sergey Kirienko tied a bow around the neck of one of the cats.

The organizer of the master class, Anna Filtsova, noted that despite the fact that the toys were sewn according to the same pattern, the participants of the master class showed a creative approach, thanks to which each Vzhukh turned out to be unique. “Cats' noses in the shape of a heart are a symbol of the fact that the gift was created with soul and love. It is great that such kind, sunny talismans will be donated to charitable foundations, and they will delight children with diseases or disabilities, “said Anna Filtsova.

Anna Filtsova also presented Sergei Kiriyenko with a copy of the book “The Great Journey”, the author of which was her youngest daughter and other winners of the competition among grades 5-7. In September of this year, the schoolchildren went on the Dream Journey on the Big Change train from Moscow to Vladivostok. Inspired by this trip, the guys wrote travel notes.

Sergey Kiriyenko also visited the stand of the presidential platform “Russia – a country of opportunities”, where any forum participant can take tests from the Platform's Competence Center in two directions to choose from: development track or competency assessment. The results are sent to the participant by mail and to his personal account within 24 hours.

In addition, at the stand of the Russia – Land of Opportunities platform, lectures and master classes are held from the winners of the Leaders of Russia competition, as well as alumni experts and managers of other projects of the platform. Here you can also take part in charity events, for example, leave a toy for children who have gone through painful procedures in a special “Box of Courage”, or hand over plastic lids as part of the “Kind Caps” campaign and receive bonuses from the platform “Another Business” ANO “ Russia is a country of opportunities. ”



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