Russians will be taught to save

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to work out incentives for savings

Russian authorities will work out incentives to teach citizens to save. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

On behalf of President Vladimir Putin, the government and the Central Bank will have to develop tools and incentives for citizens' savings, as well as work out the issue of introducing a tax deduction for investments in Russian securities.

< p> “To amend the legislation of the Russian Federation to ensure the creation of financial instruments aimed at the formation of long-term savings of individuals, providing for mechanisms to stimulate and encourage such savings,” says the list of instructions of the head of state.

Previously, Putin instructed the government to insure the investments of Russians as deposits. The head of state emphasized that the securities of Russian companies should not only be a reliable source of funding, but also work directly for the Russians themselves and consistently generate income for those who are ready to invest in the economy “for a long time.” “In fact, we are talking about a mechanism similar to the system of insurance of bank deposits. I ask you to work out this decision, ”the president specified. “In the stock market, fluctuations and recessions are inevitable, and it is necessary to protect the interests of citizens, to guarantee their savings,” the president said.