Russians were taught to choose a Christmas tree

Expert Pukharev: a high-quality Christmas tree will have even rows of branches housing the height of the tree and its color. Expert Vladislav Pukharev spoke about this in a conversation with Vechernyaya Moskva.

According to the expert, a high-quality tree will have a slender crown and even rows of branches. Natural green color is considered a sign of high quality. The needles should also not fall from the tree. “To check the tree, you can shake it a little – no green needles should fall from it. Last year's brown needle may crumble a little – this is normal, “the expert taught.

A small degree of crumbling characteristic of Russian spruce – it is considered acceptable if 10-20 needles fell from the tree. The amount of litter depends on the size of the tree. “The thicker the tree, the more trash there will be under it,” Pukharev explained.

Russians were encouraged to buy holiday trees in specialized places from sellers who have the necessary documents for the spruce. The specialist warned that by buying a tree from unofficial sellers, you can get a fine, and transporting a tree without accompanying documents can lead to criminal liability.

Earlier, British scientists warned about the dangers of living Christmas trees. According to experts, each tree can contain allergens and 53 types of mold, which provoke headaches in humans. As a result, people with allergies develop coughs, runny nose, and possible ear pains.



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