Russians have been taught to choose real sausage

Director of Rusprodsoyuz Vostrikov: 1 kg of doctoral sausage cannot be cheaper than pork He told the Prime agency what factors should be taken into account when choosing high-quality sausages.

Vostrikov advised to check the integrity of the packaging, the expiration date and look at the appearance of the product itself.

“For example, a doctor’s sausage should have a uniform elastic consistency, the cut should be even, smooth, without cartilage and veins. The color of the sausage should be light pink to pink. Hot pink, acid pink and other colors of the product indicate the presence of additional dyes in the composition, ”the specialist said.

He also urged to look at exactly how the sausage was made: according to GOST or TU. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the product has a state quality mark confirming that the product exceeds GOST. You can check the rating for sausages through the Roskachestvo mobile application, Vostrikov added. You should also pay attention to the price of sausage.

“For example, according to the current GOST, the composition of a doctor’s sausage should include: beef, pork, eggs, salt and milk. In addition to these ingredients, the current GOST also allows sodium nitrate and spices. This means that a kilogram of doctoral sausage cannot be cheaper than a kilogram of pork, “he explained.

The specialist concluded that today's production guarantees the safety of the sausage.

Earlier, economists said“ ”that before the New Year prices for champagne, sparkling wines, fish, seafood, meat and fruits are expected to rise. They added that prices will level out after the holidays. So, in comparison with last year, caviar has risen in price by about 25-30 percent. This happened because in 2020, on the eve of the holidays, there was a serious shortage of this delicacy and this time the suppliers decided to play it safe.



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