Russian Cybathletics Championship will be held in Moscow

The role of innovation in everyday life will be discussed at the Russian cybathletics championship in Moscow

The Russian cybathletics championship will be held in Moscow – a competition among people with disabilities who use assistive technologies. Qualifying starts will be held on December 6, and the semifinals and finals on December 7.

Participants will speed up the tracks using bionic prosthetic arms and legs, exoskeletons, electric wheelchairs and neurointerfaces in which a computer performs part of the brain's functions … Most of the developments used were created by companies from Moscow. Participants will compete in several categories, each of which has a separate track with obstacles.

“The development of innovative technologies fundamentally changes the lives of people with disabilities. Some of them test the latest developments on themselves so that in the future they will become available to everyone who needs them. The Russian Cybathletics Championship is one of the stages of this work “, – said Andrey Davidyuk, Chairman of the Board of the Cybathletics Union, about the role of the competition.

The championship has been held for five years. In 2020, the national team competed in the Cybathlon World Championship along with 53 other teams. The Russian team won prizes in two disciplines, and some of the participants were included in the top five athletes.

The Russian Cybathletics Championship will also become a platform for discussing the role of innovation in everyday life, improving urban infrastructure and green technologies. So, on December 7, within the framework of the event, the Future.Lab technological networking studio will operate, where a discussion will be organized with the participation of athletes, experts and government representatives.