Regional control centers processed more than 10 million citizens' requests

Chernyshenko: Over the past year, regional management centers have achieved impressive results Komarov, within the framework of his working visit to the Orenburg region, visited the regional management center, which is operated by the autonomous non-profit organization Dialogue Regions. The event was attended by the Governor of the Orenburg Region Denis Pasler.

Dmitry Chernyshenko recalled that regional management centers were created on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin by December 1, 2020.

“Over a year of work, the LRCs have achieved impressive results. In total, more than 10 million applications were received from citizens, all of them were processed. This year, the number of applications has increased almost fivefold. Thanks to the SDGs, over 500 important management system decisions were made in the regions in the shortest possible time. For example, in Orenburg, in just a few months, a road in the regional center was put on balance and repaired. The governor, when deciding on the allocation of funds for certain tasks, also relies on data from analysts of citizens' appeals. I would like to note that the work of the LRCs is carried out in cooperation with the coordination center of the Russian government and is aimed at obtaining feedback from citizens, “Dmitry Chernyshenko said.

Igor Komarov, in turn, noted that the centers should be not only applied tool, but also to take part in decision-making. Thanks to the centers, the communication of residents with the executive authorities should be clear, understandable, effective and flexible, people should see the results.

“This concerns not only situational incidents, but the solution of systemic problems. It is important for us, first of all, to take into account the needs of residents, and in this the work of the regional management center plays a key role. We use SDG tools and analytics not only at the regional level, but literally in every territory. In just a year of work, on the basis of the LRC data, a map of road repairs in Orenburg and the Orenburg region was formed, the overpass in Orenburg was overhauled, the modernization of the communal infrastructure in Sorochinsk continues, the engineering networks in Buguruslan are included in the repair plan for 2022. an integral part of the digital transformation of the Orenburg region. The next stage will be the creation of zonal and municipal control centers for the development and implementation of algorithms for effective territorial management, “said Denis Pasler.

Since the beginning of its work, the center's specialists in Orenburg have worked out more than 29 thousand messages in social networks using the Incident Management”. More than 44 thousand questions were received on the platform “State services. We solve together ”and more than 2.7 thousand – on the portal“ Active Citizen ”. Center employees have developed and launched chat bots: a service for receiving questions via instant messengers on the governor's direct line, Kesha_orb_bot, Progaz-56Bot and ProgkhBot. The center also formed a database of coronavirus vaccination points in the Orenburg region for a joint project of the autonomous non-profit organization Dialogue Regions and mapping services.



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