Poland shares intelligence on migration flows from Afghanistan

In Poland, hundreds of thousands of migrants from Afghanistan are expected to appear at the border organized by Minsk and criminal groups. The spokesman for the Polish government, Piotr Müller, shared the data of Polish diplomats and intelligence on migration risks, TASS reports.

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“This is a risk that may appear in the coming weeks, in the coming months and on a large scale. We are talking about the risk of migration, reaching hundreds of thousands of people and even more, “- said the Polish representative.

According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Marcin Pshidach, migration flows from Afghanistan can be directed to the border both through Belarus and through Russia.

pneumatic weapons. The headlights on them were completely destroyed. The Belarusian military attaché will be summoned for the investigation.

The migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the European Union began at the end of May. Large groups of illegal migrants from Africa and the Middle East began to storm the borders of Lithuania, Poland and Latvia in the hope of obtaining asylum. It was alleged that Minsk uses its national tour operator Tsentrkurort to transport migrants to the EU borders and makes money on it.

The crisis escalated on November 16, when some refugees tried to break into Poland. In response, the Poles used special means, as a result of the incident, soldiers, migrants and journalists were injured. Then the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave an order to place illegal immigrants in the logistics center.



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