Parasites in Belarus were counted according to the winter

Since December, the database of parasites has been updated in Belarus

By winter in Belarus, they again counted all parasites – citizens not employed in the country's economy. Newly included in the updated database in December will face higher bills for housing and communal services. The information is transmitted by the Telegram channel Belarus Now.

Parasites in Belarus were singled out as a separate group of the population in 2015. In fact, this is how the unemployed were called in the country, while there is practically no official unemployment in Belarus – most citizens do not register because of the obligatory “socially useful” work.

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Initially, the government tried to force the unemployed to pay a special tax, but then abandoned it in favor of cutting government subsidies. These monetary concessions apply primarily to tariffs for utilities – hot and cold water supply, heat supply, gas supply. While working citizens pay at a subsidized tariff, parasites are obliged to pay according to “a tariff that ensures full reimbursement of economically justified costs for their provision.”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has a special attitude towards parasites. “[The unemployed person] throws crimes at us every day, every week, every month, and we spend a lot of money to solve these crimes, and then we still keep some in places not so remote,” Lukashenka said about them.

< p> Russian legislators periodically come up with initiatives to adopt the experience of Belarus. In the spring of 2021, deputies from Kirov asked their representative in the Federation Council, Vyacheslav Timchenko, to raise the issue at the all-Russian level.