Norway opposes movements of NATO allies near Russian borders

Norwegian Foreign Minister Witfeldt: Oslo is against the movement of NATO allies near the borders of Russia that the new government of the country opposes the movement of the Oslo allies in NATO near the borders of Russia and plans to restrict them.

According to Witfeldt, the military presence in the surrounding areas is important for Norway, but “it would be better if in the immediate vicinity of We will deal with the Russian border ourselves – with the help of Norwegian aircraft and frigates. “

The Minister noted that she intends to discuss this issue with the UK and the United States, since forces “. She added that the presence of US military forces in the area near the border with Russia is no greater than in other periods of the “post-war era.” a US boat made a call at the civilian harbor of Tromsø in northern Norway. Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused Oslo of escalating tension in the region, which she linked to the country's desire to please its NATO partners.



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