Lawyer reported on “only on paper” murders in Tesak case

Mikhalchik's lawyer said that the killings in the Tesak case exist only on paper said that Tesak was posthumously accused of three murders on the basis of his written confessions, but at least two of them “exist only on paper” – there is no name of the alleged victims, no witnesses, no bodies. Mikhalchik told about this on Friday, December 3.

According to Mikhalchik, in Krasnoyark's pre-trial detention center, Martsinkevich wrote, according to various sources, from nine to 12 confessions for various crimes, including three murders. In two of them, the investigation did not even establish the identity of those killed and did not find their bodies. The victim of another murder, incriminated by Tesak, was a native of Tajikistan. This crime was recorded on video, however, earlier the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) recognized it as staged.

“The Krasnoyarsk SIZO is a torture factory where Martsinkevich was tortured for six months and his lawyers were not allowed to visit him. The independent expert says that his body bore persistent marks of torture. Maksim Martsinkevich found himself in a pre-trial detention center in such a position that he wrote everything that was told to him, ”said lawyer Mikhalchik.

In the near future, the lawyer intends to raise the issue of terminating the posthumous criminal prosecution of Martsinkevich due to the fact that the attendance were obtained illegally.

On September 16, 2020, Tesak was found dead in a solitary confinement cell, where he was temporarily for further transfer to Moscow. According to the official version, the nationalist committed suicide, but a suicide note found in his mouth says that he feared for his life and did not intend to commit suicide. In the last note found in the mouth of the nationalist, he admitted that he gave false testimony during interrogation. According to Tesak, he was not involved in the murder of a citizen of Tajikistan and a native of Dagestan and regrets that he incriminated himself and two of his acquaintances.