Lavrov threatened to retaliate in case of new US sanctions

Foreign Minister Lavrov: Russia will take retaliatory measures in the event of new sanctions by the United States

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow will retaliate if new US sanctions are imposed. TASS writes about this.

If new, as they said, hellish sanctions follow, then, of course, we will react. We can't help but react

Sergey LavrovMinister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

The head of the department did not say what kind of reaction would follow from Russia. In his opinion, Russophobic sentiments in NATO and the EU do not allow Western states to move away from confrontation and do important things.

Lavrov refused to guess what steps the West intends to take with respect to Moscow. He called the sanctions an illegitimate unilateral measure and a dead end that would turn against those who initiated it.

Our Western colleagues have absolutely lost the culture of dialogue, diplomatic negotiations, reaching consensus, the ability to creatively seek a balance of interests

Sergey LavrovMinister of Foreign Affairs of Russia US plans

White House spokesman Jen Psaki announced the readiness of the United States to impose new sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. According to her, the American authorities were clear about their “concerns about the threatening rhetoric” of Russia and “about reports of an increase in the number of troops on the border.”

Psaki also said that the United States is always ready to take steps towards imposing sanctions against Russia due to the situation near the border with Ukraine, but the Americans consider it necessary to discuss such decisions with their European allies.

Earlier, a similar statement was made by US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. She stressed that the United States could impose unprecedented sanctions against the Russian side if Moscow takes any action aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. According to her, not only the United States, but all NATO members are ready to support Ukraine.

We are decisive in our message to Moscow: if they take steps to destabilize Ukraine and use their forces for aggression against Ukraine, they will serious economic steps and sanctions that have never happened in the past

Victoria Nuland US Deputy Secretary of State Support for Ukraine

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby accused the Russian authorities of continuing to build up their troops near the Ukrainian border. He stressed that we are talking about units of a combined nature, which “continue to assemble on – or not on, but close to – the Ukrainian border.” to aggressive actions against Ukraine, as well as Moscow's efforts to destabilize the country from within and plan large-scale military operations.

In recent weeks, Russia has stepped up planning for possible military action in Ukraine, including the deployment of tens of thousands of additional combat forces near the Ukrainian border

Anthony Blinken US Secretary of State

Blinken also held talks with NATO head Jens Stoltenberg. They discussed the situation on the Ukrainian border and cooperation in supporting Ukraine against “Russian aggression”.

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, in turn, noted that NATO countries are ready to expand cooperation with Kiev in the military-technical sphere. He said that at a NATO meeting at the level of foreign ministers, he very clearly heard the answer to his call to send Russia a signal that any wave of armed aggression against Ukraine would become an “unbearable burden” for Moscow.

A plan to “contain” Russia

The international community is working on a “containment package” in the event of a Russian attack, Kuleba said. According to the minister, this topic was key in the negotiations in Riga and Stockholm.

According to him, the package is being developed in three directions. First of all, it is important to convey to Moscow that a military operation on the territory of Ukraine will have irreparable consequences for it, he said. The second direction is the development of a sanctions package, which will be applied if Moscow resorts to a military operation. “And the third is the deepening of military-technical cooperation with Ukraine now to strengthen our defense capability,” the politician said.