Guzeeva spoke about the attack on her rival out of jealousy with a shoe in her hands

Larisa Guzeeva told how, out of jealousy, she attacked her rival in the toilet of the House of Cinema Larisa Guzeeva told how, out of jealousy, she attacked a fan of her first husband in the toilet of the House of Cinema with a shoe in her hands. The story sounded during the recording of the next episode of the program, which was published on YouTube.

“I had a husband (Ilya Drevnov, Guzeeva's first husband – approx.“ ”), whom I loved and was very jealous of. And one assistant on the actors called us, called … And I think: “Well, you nit, call my family, I'm married.” And he is on the phone with her – waste-that-that, one hundred hours, “Guzeeva was indignant.

After a while, the presenter” Let's get married! ” met her rival at the House of Cinema during one of the premieres. Guzeeva drank champagne and called the girl to the toilet for a conversation.

“And I was so uncomfortable with her in this toilet,” Guzeeva admitted, “and I felt so offended that she was behaving this way! I intelligently took off my shoe on such a stiletto heel (shows the size with my fingers – approx. “” ) and tell her: “I am warning you for the last time!” And she is in tears. ”

Drevnov and Guzeeva met on the set of the film“ Rivals ”, which was released in 1985. There Drevnov was one of the assistants. Soon the couple signed, but the marriage lasted only a few years, during which Guzeeva's first husband was struggling with drug addiction. He died of a drug overdose already in the 90s after a divorce from a Soviet cinema star.

Earlier, Guzeeva showed the interior of her house for 60 million rubles. The TV presenter and her husband, restaurateur Igor Bukharov, live in a cottage with an area of ​​270 square meters in the Kurkino district in the north-west of Moscow. The mansion is adjacent to an area of ​​10 acres with a veranda, and inside there are several bedrooms and bathrooms.