Great Britain's main Christmas tree compared to Boris Johnson's hairstyle

London's main Christmas tree has been criticized in the UK in Trafalgar Square, London. In 2021, a tree with a thin crown was compared to the hairstyle of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to the BBC.

Every year since 1947, Norway has been sending a fir tree to the British as a token of gratitude for the support and assistance of Great Britain during World War II. The festive tree reaches a height of more than 20 meters.

Local residents did not appreciate the appearance of the tree because of the state of the crown. Some users suggested that only a part of the tree was delivered to the capital, and they wondered when the rest of the branches would be brought. The participants in the discussion jokingly suggested that the European Union took part of the crown. “Have we quarreled with Norway?”, “My God, does this tree have a hangover?” – quotes Euronews.

Local authorities explained that the tree was brought from a real forest, so its crown cannot be fluffy, like the trees that are grown especially for the holiday. In the official Twitter account of the tree, they noted that part of the crown did not disappear – the branches maintain a social distance.

Earlier, the TMZ tabloid found out that Joe Biden's Christmas tree, which he will install for the first time as President of the United States, will cost the budget of the country in 139 thousand dollars (more than 10.5 million rubles), the amount turned out to be less than in 2019. The tree will spawn near the White House.