Gamaleya Center Prepares to Produce 10 Million Sets of Sputnik M

Head of the Gamaleya Center Gunzburg: ready to produce 10 million sets of Sputnik M

Director of the Gamaleya Center Alexander Gunzburg told that the center is ready to accept a government order and produce 10 million kits of the Sputnik M coronavirus vaccine for adolescents.

“In general, we have adolescents of this age of about 10 million [people]. We are ready to accept government orders for up to 10 million [sets]. It still depends on how the parents decide to vaccinate their children, “said the head of the center.

Gunzburg added that about 150 thousand vaccine kits are currently undergoing quality control. By the end of the year, the center is preparing to release 200-250 thousand kits into civilian circulation.

The registration of the COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents in Russia became known on November 24, its second name is “Sputnik M”. According to the results of clinical trials, the drug has high efficacy and safety. The vaccine was created on the same platform as Sputnik V, it is two-component – the interval between vaccinations should be 21 days.