Financiers predicted the ruble exchange rate in 2022

Izvestia: Bank analysts predicted the strengthening of the ruble in the first quarter of 2022 revolutions. However, already in the first quarter of 2022, experts predicted the strengthening of the national currency, Izvestia writes.

Viktor Grigoriev, analyst of the Directorate for Operations in Financial Markets of Bank Saint Petersburg, said that under the influence of geopolitical events and the spread of a new strain coronavirus, the ruble against the dollar at the end of November reached the indicators of April this year. However, the financier emphasized that the currency has the potential to moderately strengthen.

“It is not yet possible to predict how dangerous the new strain of the virus will be, but, in our opinion, epidemiological fears in the market should gradually ease,” he said .

According to Grigoriev, fears of tightening monetary policy in the US will intensify in the second half of December after the meeting of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) “. As a result, the USDRUB rate is likely to end 2021 at about 74 rubles per dollar, “he suggested.

Investment Director of Loko-Invest Asset Management Dmitry Polevoy added that the ruble exchange rate in 2022 will depend on the geopolitical situation. “Oil prices should become a negative factor for the ruble in 2022, but this will be more noticeable by the middle of the year than at the very beginning,” he said.

At the same time, Mikhail Gonopolsky, managing director of the SFI investment holding, believes that it is pointless to predict the ruble exchange rate for the first quarter of 2022, since many important events are to take place in December.

Earlier, the financier Dmitry Babin assessed the risks of the ruble collapse. According to him, a serious deterioration in the geopolitical situation does not contribute to the fall of the ruble.