Elderly Russians were named a way to protect themselves from infection with the omicron strain

Tkacheva: proper nutrition, vaccinations and good sleep will help protect against the omicron strain a new South African strain of coronavirus. This method of protection against the omicron strain was named by Olga Tkacheva, the chief geriatrician of the Russian Ministry of Health, in an interview with Moskva 24.

The specialist noted that the new COVID-19 strain should be protected in the same way as against the previous ones. At the same time, Tkacheva emphasized that the vaccinated will trigger an immune response to the omicron strain, since the type of virus itself remains the same.

According to the geriatrician, wearing masks in public places will help to further protect against the disease, it is also necessary to observe social distance.

“Proper nutrition, exercise, good sleep, control of chronic diseases – the whole range of health support is the basis for protecting not only from coronavirus, but also from any infection,” Tkacheva summed up. The doctor also advised elderly Russians to do most of the things remotely.

Earlier, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Zverev said that if the information about the presence of the omicron strain of serious evolutionary advantages over the delta is confirmed, then the new variant of the virus may take about six months for then to become dominant on the territory of Russia. So far, no cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus have been identified in the country.



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