Dagestan fighter described the conflict with Emelianenko with the phrase “will ask for mercy”

Fighter Huseynov about the conflict with Alexander Emelianenko: he will be on his knees to beg for mercy who called him “the Dagestan pig” and described the situation with the phrase “will beg for mercy.” The athlete's interview is available on the MMA Vestnik YouTube channel.

Huseynov said that Emelianenko himself provoked the conflict. According to the Dagestani, the fighter went too far and hurt personal. “The conflict will be resolved only in one case, when he will be on his knees to beg for mercy, that he touched all Dagestanis,” Huseynov described the situation.

The conflict began when Huseynov commented on Instagram (at the moment the post is not available) defeat of Emelianenko in a fight with Brazilian Marcio Santos at the AMC Fight Nights 106 tournament. Huseynov shamed Emelianenko, calling his form shameful.

After Emelianenko sharply responded to criticism in an interview with the YouTube channel BOSTANOF MMA. “Guseinov is a Dagestan pig. This is a new format for animals. If he were here, in Moscow or St. Petersburg, I would have asked the guys – they would have brought him in the trunk, ”he said and remembered how Huseynov set him up and asked for money before the battles.

40-year-old Emelianenko won 28 fights and suffered nine defeats in fights according to the rules of MMA, another fight with his participation ended in a draw. The 37-year-old Huseynov has 25 wins, 11 defeats and one draw.



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