Craftswoman from Nizhny Tagil conquered the whole world with painted trays

A Russian woman from Nizhny Tagil spoke about the skill of painting on trays painting on trays. Her works are also sent to private collections and exhibitions. Olga Matukova is often invited to master classes, she also works with foreigners who want to paint wood and metal products with her. Its story is cited by the regional news agency TagilCity.

The craftswoman said that since childhood she loves to draw, which is why, after graduating from vocational school, she went to work at an enterprise. For example, she spent many years at the Metal Shop and Tagil Tray factories. The most common motifs in her works are flowers, butterflies and berries.

According to her, when she worked in the shop, she was in a creative team and wrote works of authorship to order for both foreigners and Russians. Her trays were often purchased for the museum collection or as a gift. At the same time, she does not know in which countries her works are now located. “My face was a shop, it was a single organism,” the craftswoman explained.

Several years ago, the woman left the company and started working for herself. Mostly now she writes on wooden products or paints a souvenir collection. “She also writes trays, but not in such quantities as before, since they have to be given to the workshops for covering,” the agency added.

In conclusion, the Russian woman said that a good working place, as well as a palette, paints, brushes and even sunflower oil. At the same time, in her opinion, the most important thing in this craft is good lighting. The woman added that painting can be done at home, but it is dangerous to varnish a product in such a space. In this regard, she recommended doing this in the workshop.

“During my work in the tray craft, I painted a large number of trays. If you put them in a row, the distance from Nizhniy Tagil to Moscow will come out, “she summed up.



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