Chicago merges boys 'and girls' toilets for gender equality

Toilets for boys and girls in Chicago schools will be replaced with gender-neutral boys and girls, and instead will create latrines that “match the gender identity of the children.” This is stated in a statement on the Twitter account of the Chicago public schools.

In addition, schools will create a “gender-neutral territory” for handwashing. According to representatives of the association of Chicago public schools, this is being done for the sake of gender equality and for the safety of children.

At the same time, separate toilets will be left in schools for employees. The decree went into effect December 1.

LGBT charity Stonewall also plans to ensure that tampons and sanitary napkins are available in the men's toilets of the Scottish Government building in case transgender government officials need them. Feminine hygiene items will be placed in men's toilets close to conference rooms and main entrances.