The State Duma responded to the call to abandon beer and video games

Deputy Vyacheslav Fetisov supported the rejection of beer, meat and video games to save the planet Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Vyacheslav Fetisov responded to the call from Credit Suisse analysts to change their way of life in order to save the planet. The deputy supported the rejection of beer, meat and video games, reports the Federal News Agency (FAN).

‚ÄúThis is not a hype, but an attempt to draw people's attention to serious environmental problems. Significant changes have already taken place in our life. We have ruined water, air, food and 50 percent of life on planet Earth, “Fetisov said.

The parliamentarian recalled the plans of the countries of the world by 2050 to switch to a carbon-neutral economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He is confident that in order to combat the climate crisis, people will have to change their habits in all spheres of life.

The MP believes that until humanity is afraid of a real threat, it will not change its attitude towards the planet. Fetisov cited the coronavirus pandemic as an example – it was only after massive infections that people began to think about vaccinations and the quality of medicine.

Earlier, Credit Suisse analysts presented a report in which they said that the inhabitants of the planet would have to significantly save resources and abandon the usual benefits … Among other things, people need to travel much less often, wash, cook and watch TV, as well as give up video games, drinking beer, meat and coffee.