The Russians named the most coveted gifts for the New Year

Romir research: the most desirable New Year's gift for Russians was health Santa Claus, if they had such an opportunity. The results of the survey appeared on the website of the Romir research holding.

The majority of Russian residents (64 percent) indicated that they would ask for health for themselves and their loved ones for the New Year, while the remaining 36 percent preferred other wishes. For example, 7 percent of Russians made a fortune, and 5 percent would like to go on a trip. 3 percent wished to spend the New Year with their families and another 3 percent – to have a child. In addition, in 2022, 2 percent of Russians dream of meeting true love, and another 2 percent – to get married or get married.

Among material gifts, 6 percent of respondents chose increased earnings. The researchers emphasized that this option became the most popular among young people – 12 percent of respondents aged 18 to 25 voted for it. 5 percent of respondents wanted to get a new apartment or house, and 2 percent – a car.

It is also noted that young people from 18 to 25 years old more often chose material gifts, while people aged 36 to 45 dream of intangible values.

Earlier in December, Russians listed the most unfortunate gifts for the New Year. According to the survey, the most unsuccessful were the “unnecessary” wardrobe items, namely T-shirts, robes and socks. This conclusion was reached by 5 percent of respondents.



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