The owner of a popular social network invited users to send their intimate pictures

Meta has invited users to send intimate photos to remove them from the Internet Revenge Porn Helpline has launched a platform to combat the proliferation of intimate photos on the Internet. To detect such content, the company invited users to send their pictures. This was announced in a press release from the company.

“If someone is concerned that their intimate images have been posted or might be posted on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, they can submit a StopNCII application. .org to quickly detect them, “the press release says.

Meta invites users whose photos or videos of an intimate nature could get on Instagram or Facebook without their consent to select files that the system could promptly remove. The company claims that the original image will remain on the user's device, it will not be downloaded anywhere and will not be transmitted.

To do this, the file will be encoded without the possibility of restoring its original content. After downloading it, you will need to create a unique PIN by which you can track the status of checks. It is noted that only users over 18 years old can leave a request on the platform.

This function will be available if the photos are identical to the original file. If a filter is applied to the image or cropped, the algorithm may not recognize it. For such images, you need to create a new application.

The company began testing the technology in 2017 in Australia. Then you had to send your pictures in the Messenger chat, but other people watched the files and encoded them on their own. As noted by Meta's chief of security Antigone Davis, the images were made available to “a very small group of about five specially trained analysts.”