The girl spoke about an unusual way to reveal the cheating of a partner

A TikTok user caught a guy in a lie thanks to a pedometer on a smartwatch … In her video, she shared the story of how she caught a guy in a lie thanks to a pedometer on a smart watch.

The girl told how she accidentally caught her boyfriend lying about his location. The young man wished his beloved good night and, according to him, went to bed. After that, the girl noticed an increase in the number of his steps in the application on a smart watch, which was synchronized with her boyfriend's account.

As it turned out later, the girl's ex-boyfriend then went to a strip club, where he spent the whole night … “He never understood how I knew he was at the club that night. The best methods of exposure are revealed, ”the girl said. “It's funny that I didn't even want to check it, I looked at my own steps, and the application offered to compare the result with the indicators of my friends,” she admitted.

“Honey, you gave me a brilliant idea”, – the user commented on the video. Others remembered their former partners. In response to the comments, the author of the video commented that girls deserve something more than lying men.

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