The first social franchise was presented at the #MYVMESTE forum

The # WEVMESTE International Forum began in Moscow

The # WEVMESTE International Forum of Civil Participation opened on December 2 at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow. At the beginning of the forum, the Dobro.Center conference was held, where the federal program of the Association of Volunteer Centers of the same name was launched. It is planned to open such centers in all cities of Russia using the franchise system.

“The pandemic is declining, and we decided to get together offline. Over the three days of the forum, more than 3,000 participants will pass through the platforms: volunteers, entrepreneurs, public organizations, journalists, ”announced at the forum the head of the Presidential Administration for Public Projects Sergei Novikov.

Chairman of the State Duma Youth Policy Committee, Head platform DOBRO.RF Artem Metelev said that in 2020 every fourth was ready to help others, but there was a lack of a well-coordinated organization of mutual assistance, which did not allow bringing the social activity of citizens to a new level.

“Today 90 percent of the country's population trust volunteers, and this is a great responsibility. For volunteering to become the norm, we must continue to develop a simple and convenient volunteer infrastructure. One of its parts will be Dobro.Tsentr, which we will present today, “said the head of Rosmolodezh Ksenia Razuvaeva.

Dobro.Tsentry will develop social projects and civil initiatives in their city with the support of the federal team. Everyone who wants to start a franchise will be able to get a ready-made set of tools for the development of “Dobro.Center” in their city. To do this, go to the website

The #MYVMESTE International Civil Participation Forum brought together volunteers from more than 40 countries. It was organized by Rosmolodezh and the DOBRO.RF platform.