The designer of the swimwear of the Averin sisters revealed their cost

Designer of leotards for gymnasts Dina and Arina Averin: the price starts from 70 thousand rubles the cost of the sisters' costumes. This information appeared in an interview with Sport24.

The designer noted that the prices for swimwear in her workshop start at 70 thousand rubles and are calculated after production. According to Gerasimova, buyers immediately began to pay more than the average market price for her production models. Then the designer decided to work in the segment of high prices.

“We didn’t have any products more expensive than 200 thousand rubles. There is no goal to make the most expensive costume. Products turn out to be expensive, since the cost includes the cost of materials (the main cost is crystals), the wages of the craftsmen (usually the craftsman works on one item for about three weeks), the rent of the premises, and so on, “she explained.

In July, members of the German Olympic team performed in fully closed bodysuits against the standards. The team members wore pink and black ankle-length tight bodysuits, while gymnasts usually wear leotards with long or short sleeves.