Tesla sold out its new ATV in a day

The first batch of Tesla's Cyberquad ATV was completely sold out on the day of the start of sales Cyberquad for Kids on its website, and after a few hours the first batch of the product was completely sold out. On December 2, the ATV went on sale again.

Cyberquad has become the cheapest product in the company's lineup – its cost is 1900 dollars (about 135 thousand rubles). Like Tesla's electric vehicles, the ATV runs on a lithium-ion battery. Its version for adults was announced back in 2019. Tesla registered the Cyberquad trademark in October 2021.

Then the founder of the company Elon Musk said that this ATV would be the safest in the world, writes Electrek. “The center of gravity in it [Cyberquad] is going to be very low because we are going to put the battery low. […] When the ATV flips, bad things happen. This ATV will not roll over, ”Musk said. The release of the children's version was not announced before the start of sales.

The new Cyberquad for Kids is equipped with a one-piece steel frame, padded seat and adjustable suspension with rear disc brakes, as indicated in the product description. The ATV can reach speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour, and the battery provides a power reserve of 24 kilometers. You can move at three speed modes: 8 kilometers per hour, 16 kilometers per hour and reversing at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour.

It takes about five hours to fully charge the battery. Its operating time depends on the driver's weight, driving conditions and speed setting. Tesla promises that pre-order deliveries will begin in two to four weeks, but warns that the purchase may be delayed due to the holidays.

Despite the popularity of Tesla products, CNBC experts predicted the company's collapse due to growing competition. Traditional automakers have begun investing billions of dollars in the electric car industry, which will prevent the American company from maintaining its leadership in the US market for a long time, experts say. For example, in mid-November, the American electric car company Rivian Automotive managed to become one of the three most expensive car manufacturers in the world. The company was second only to Tesla and Toyota in value.