Tesla has released an ATV for children

Tesla Elon Musk started selling Cyberquad kids ATV for $ 1900

Tesla has started selling Cyberquad ATV for kids. The vehicle is available in the company's online store.

“Get ready for any adventure with the all-electric Cyberquad,” reads the product description. The company said that the design of the child's vehicle is inspired by the exterior of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck. The four-wheeled ATV has a steel frame, padded seat and adjustable suspension with rear disc brakes.

The vehicle is also equipped with LED headlights. The Cyberquad has a range of up to 15 miles (about 24 kilometers) and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The maximum speed of the ATV is about 16 kilometers per hour. The cost of the car from the company Elon Musk is 1900 dollars, or about 135 thousand rubles.

The description of the model says that the device is intended for children aged eight and older. When buying the Cyberquad in early December, Tesla promises to deliver the vehicle within two to four weeks.

In early December, Elon Musk unveiled a whistle in the form of a Cybertruck electric pickup truck. Accessories for 3700 rubles were completely sold out in a few hours.



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