Senator from Crimea assessed the likelihood of Zelensky's decision to attack the peninsula

Senator Tsekov believes that Zelensky may embark on a military adventure to seize Crimea and nervous, in such a state, he can go on a military adventure and try to seize Crimea, said Sergei Tsekov, Senator of the Federation Council. In a conversation with, he clarified that a scenario in which the attack will be successful is extremely unlikely.

Zelensky's statement of his intention to return Crimea to Kiev's control in the Kremlin is regarded as a direct threat to Russia. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov. If earlier Ukraine's statements about the return of the peninsula were not taken seriously, now there is some concern even among leading Russian politicians. Tsekov explains this by Zelensky's increased aggressiveness in recent days.

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“Zelensky’s activities in recent months have become some kind of feverish, nervousness and aggressiveness have appeared. He understands that he is losing his rating, is losing power, and in such conditions, indeed, he can go on some kind of military adventure to seize Crimea, ”the senator said. – It is clear that, first of all, he will focus on Donbass, taking into account the fact that troops from all over Ukraine have caught up there, but the president will not leave the topic of the peninsula either. But this is due to his personal status, personal authority. ”

According to the politician, it also seems that NATO countries are pushing Zelenskiy to aggressive actions: too many formidable, accusatory statements against Russia were made by officials.

“They say that Russia is going to attack Ukraine. At the same time, I note that the troops are concentrating only near the DPR and LPR. Despite the fact that everyone understands that Moscow is not going to take any military action, Ukraine and NATO themselves can provoke a conflict. So the situation is much more tense and alarming than in all previous years, “Tsekov believes.

At the same time, the politician considers a successful attack on Crimea and its capture extremely unlikely: he is sure that the enemy will immediately receive a powerful rebuff and will be forced to cease their actions. But Tsekov does not exclude attempts and provocations of NATO countries.

“The main warmongers of war are the NATO countries. At the same time, I hope that periodically sobering still comes to them. They must understand that in the event of the outbreak of hostilities, the members of the alliance will also suffer, that peace and tranquility are necessary for everyone. That Ukraine should not be provoked, but, on the contrary, reassured, “the senator said.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 after a referendum in which the overwhelming majority of the region's residents who voted supported such a decision. Ukraine, the EU countries and the US refused to recognize the results of the vote, calling the reunification of the peninsula with mainland Russia an annexation.