Purpose of EU sanctions revealed in Minsk

Foreign Ministry of Belarus: the purpose of the EU sanctions is to strangle the republic and complicate the life of Belarusians and the deterioration of the life of Belarusians. This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic, published on the website of the department.

“The purpose of this entire policy is to economically strangle Belarus, to make the life of Belarusians as difficult and as difficult as possible. The pompous nonsense that is heard from the European tribunes, in this case, have nothing to do with reality, “the document says.

The Foreign Ministry drew attention to the fact that the European Union, in an effort to tighten pressure, ignores the opinion of the residents themselves republics. The ministry stressed that it is not important for the EU that tens of thousands of Belarusian citizens and their families, as well as directly European consumers, suppliers, businessmen and companies, will suffer as a result of the sanctions.

“Such” little things “are nothing for them does not mean when you want to play geopolitics or satisfy the pragmatic business interests of certain European circles, which is why the package includes Belarusian enterprises that have nothing to do with the migration crisis, behind this is a desire to get rid of competitors, ”the statement explains.

Minsk believes that pressure from Europe will continue “in blind rage at the lack of results.” The result that European politicians are counting on, according to Belarusian diplomats, is the destruction of Belarus as a sovereign, economically successful state.

Earlier, Belarus promised to toughly respond to EU sanctions with tough, asymmetric, but adequate measures. The ministry also noted that the further this process continues, the more obvious its danger to stability and security will become.



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