Prigogine spoke about the possible replacement of Gradsky in the “Voice”

Producer Prigozhin: Valley can replace Gradsky in the show “Voice” “Can the singer Larisa Dolina. Producer Joseph Prigogine announced this in an interview with Life.

“If we talk about replacement, then only Larisa Aleksandrovna Dolina can be such a professional person. I see either no one or Larisa Dolina. This is my opinion, “he said.

According to the producer, until the end of the current season of the project, it is not worth putting someone in the place of Gradsky. “That would be fair. But those people who were selected, they need to be distributed among the other three. Or take the Valley. She's just the boss of music, “he said.

Gradskiy died in Moscow on November 28. He was taken to hospital with suspected stroke. The coronavirus infection suffered by the artist in September led to a deterioration in health. He was 72 years old.

Alexander Gradsky has released over 40 albums. He took part in work on several dozen films as a composer and singer, including “One among strangers, a stranger among friends”, “Do not part with your loved ones”, “Prisoner of the If castle”, the cartoons “The Blue Puppy” and “Pass”. In the 2010s, the artist became one of the mentors in the popular television project “The Voice”.



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