Newspapers from the USSR that avoided recycling waste became an exhibit of the Tobolsk Museum

Soviet newspapers that avoided recycling became an exhibit of the Tobolsk Museum This was reported in the press service of OOO “TEO”, reports “”.

The editions are dated 1930s, 40s and 50s. They were discovered during the initial sorting by the employees of the waste sorting plant – the newspapers miraculously survived in the back of the garbage truck. It was not possible to find out exactly where the newspapers were brought from, since the enterprise serves four municipalities at once: the city of Tobolsk, as well as Tobolsk, Uvatsky and Vagaysky districts.

It was believed that only the 1934 Izvestia newspaper was in the file. But upon closer examination, it turned out that it also contains separate issues of Izvestia for 1947, several copies of Kommunisticheskii education “1932 and 1935,” For industrialization “1932,” Komsomolskaya Pravda “1947,” Pravda “1930, 1951 and 1958.

Head of the museum Elena Shvetsova said that newspapers are a very valuable gift that will become the pearl of the collection. She noted that, despite the good preservation of the publications, they still need a little restoration.

Earlier it was reported that an observation deck would be built on the old water tower in Tobolsk. A tourist information center will be created on the first floor of the building, where it will be possible to book city tours, and on the second – a coffee shop. The tower will also have an exhibition space dedicated to the history of the city.



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