Dr. Komarovsky dispels the popular myth of vaccination

Dr. Komarovsky dispelled the popular myth about unsanitary conditions at vaccination points in the shopping center vaccination against coronavirus. The doctor assured that it is safe to vaccinate in public places. The doctor's commentary sounded on the air of the “Hour of Golovanov” program on the channel “Ukraine”. Komarovsky published an excerpt from the issue on his YouTube channel.

He dispelled the popular myth that unsanitary conditions prevail in shopping centers and other public places where vaccinations are given, which means that it is dangerous to get vaccinated there. Komarovsky explained that if a person is healthy, he can be vaccinated without any additional preparation.

As for the injection site, it should be able to provide emergency care in the event of an acute allergic reaction. For this, doctors must have two drugs – hormonal and adrenaline. According to Komarovsky, in places where people are vaccinated, there are medicines, and doctors know how these drugs should be administered in case of allergies. “Taking this into account, logically, a person can be vaccinated anywhere: on a bus, on a tram, in a shopping center [and so on],” the TV presenter emphasized.

At the same time, Komarovsky agreed that in During the vaccination process, especially in a pandemic, in these places, elementary anti-epidemic standards should be observed – there should be no crowds of people and queues in a closed room. To solve this problem, the doctor proposes to deploy additional temporary vaccination points in all cities. They must have a sensor that allows you to control the content of carbon dioxide, a supply and exhaust ventilation system, markings to maintain social distance and a preliminary appointment so that people do not crowd.

Earlier, Dr. Komarovsky collected the main information about the omicron – strain of coronavirus. The physician urged citizens to wait for the results of research on the new strain, and also gave a forecast of a decrease in the effectiveness of existing vaccines against this mutation.



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