Belarusian Foreign Ministry promised an asymmetric response to new sanctions

MFA of Belarus: the aim of the sanctions is to economically strangle the republic and promised an asymmetric response to them. BelTA informs about it.

The Foreign Ministry claims that the “depth of absurdity” of the EU's decision to impose sanctions is difficult to understand. Open demonization continues, while the true causes of the migration crisis are blatantly ignored, Minsk believes.

“The goal of this entire policy is to economically strangle Belarus, to make the life of Belarusians as difficult as possible and worsen. The pompous nonsense that is heard from the European tribunes, in this case, have nothing to do with reality, “the statement says.

The Foreign Ministry adds that the European Union” remains deaf to the appeals of millions of Belarusian workers demanding the abolition of these barbaric and inhuman measures ”. “The package includes Belarusian enterprises that have nothing to do with the migration crisis. This hides a desire to get rid of competitors, “the diplomats assure.

Minsk believes that the pressure will continue in blind rage at the lack of results. “Exclusively as a response, we, as stated earlier, will take tough, asymmetric, but adequate measures,” the ministry promised and called on European politicians to think again.

Earlier, the EU adopted the fifth package of sanctions against Belarus from- for the situation with migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border. The “black list” includes more than 25 individuals and legal entities, including the Belavia airline and the Grodno Azot and Belarusneft enterprises.

The USA and Britain also imposed sanctions.



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