A woman found a way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars every day

Australian Sammy Leo made millions of rubles in 24 hours selling lip balm sales of cosmetics. The story of the woman is quoted by the Daily Mail.

Queensland resident Sammy Leo said that she launched her own brand Breeze Balm in 2016 when she learned the secret formula of a balm to treat dry lips from her pharmacist grandfather, who developed her 70 years ago in New Zealand. It is known that the product contains animal and beeswax.

According to the material, the businesswoman decided to sell products for damaged lips on the Internet at a price of $ 20 (1,472 rubles) apiece. According to her, during the action “Cyber ​​Monday” (an analogue of “Black Friday”), which took place on November 29, she managed to sell about 14 thousand balms, thus receiving 160 thousand dollars (11.8 million rubles) in 24 hours. p>

“Our super nourishing balm is versatile. It can be used on lips, dry feet and cuticles, as well as irritated skin, cracked heels and other areas of the body, ”Leo said. It is noted that the assortment of her brand also includes body creams, lip scrubs, BB creams and various lipsticks with glitter.

In September, another woman left work, started her own business and became rich in six weeks. It is known that the former Spanish teacher Maria Wilkes founded Candid Beauté, which produces eyelash and facial skin care products. She assured that after launching, she managed to earn a six-figure amount in just six weeks.



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