A girl with the appearance of a deer scared netizens

Blogger Raven showed a large light brown mole on the tip of her nose view. The video posted on TikTok was noticed in The Sun.

In the footage posted online, Raven explained that she was born with an unusual mass on her face. In the video, she showed that there is a large light brown mole on the tip of her nose. The girl emphasized that because of her peculiarity, she often faces bullying from others. In addition, according to her, people often compare her with the deer Bambi from the cartoon of the same name.

The blogger admitted that as a child she was offered an operation to remove the birthmark, but she refused the procedure because she decided to learn how to accept her appearance. “My parents offered me to get rid of the mole as long as I can remember. However, when I was a child, medicine was not so advanced in this area, and the operation would have left a scar on my face. So I decided to accept and accept myself, ”Raven explained.

In the description for the video, the girl noted that she loves herself and is proud of her peculiarity. The post went viral and got 841.8 thousand views and 51.8 thousand likes. The spectators were frightened by the birthmark on Raven's nose. “This is the first time I've seen this. I'm scared “,” You say that you love this birthmark just to make it easier for you? “,” You don't need a Halloween costume “,” Are you kidding? How can you accept this? ” – they expressed their opinion.

At the same time, other users supported the blogger in the comments: “You really look like Bambi the fawn, but it's very cute!”, “I'm delighted! It is so beautiful and unusual “,” You are very cute “,” Beautiful nose! ” years, the man spent more than a day on a huge tattoo in the form of a birthmark for the sake of his son. Derek Prue, a resident of Stony Plain, Canada, once noticed that his eight-year-old son was very worried about a large brown spot on his torso. The child even began to refuse to take off his shirt in the pool. Prue decided to apply the same stain on his body so that his son felt that now “he is not alone.”



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