The doctor named two main symptoms of all strains of coronavirus

Doctor Khukhrev: patients with any strain of coronavirus have headaches and fever

Despite the changes in the coronavirus, two main symptoms may appear when infected with any of its strains. They were named by a general practitioner, candidate of medical sciences Aleksey Khukhrev in an interview with Sputnik radio station.

“Now, by its external manifestations, it is extremely difficult to distinguish it [coronavirus] from a common cold. The only characteristic is either a prolonged course of temperature or headaches. These are his business cards, “the doctor said.

According to him, with the omicron strain, as with other variations of the coronavirus, nonspecific symptoms of a viral disease appear. Smells rarely disappear in patients with COVID-19, and stomach upsets are more and more often observed, the doctor added.

Previously, biologist Ancha Baranova called the symptoms of the omicron strain of coronavirus. According to her, when infected with this variant of the virus, a person feels very tired, but does not lose his sense of smell.