South Africa announced an explosive increase in the incidence of coronavirus due to the omicron strain

Dr. Frankish: everything says that there will be a new powerful wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

South Africa is experiencing an explosive increase in – for a new omicron-strain. This was announced in an interview with TASS by a practitioner from Johannesburg and a member of the Board of the South African Medical Association in the province of Gauteng, Dr. Frankish.

“There is a very large flow of new patients who have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Everything suggests that there will be a powerful wave. There are many children among the sick, ”the doctor told the agency. He also noted that all patients with the new strain have mild symptoms. This allows them to be treated at home.

“However, this situation may change, since we are only at the very beginning of a new wave and there is no scientific data on the features of the effect of the omicron strain on the human body,” added Frankish. According to him, now scientists do not know whether the omicron-strain of the delta-strain is more dangerous or not.

Earlier, a doctor from South Africa, Unben Pillay, described the symptoms that appear when the omicron-strain is ill. The patients are now experiencing flu symptoms, dry cough, fever, night sweats and body aches, he said. Pillay added that these symptoms have been reported in other waves of the pandemic.