Satellites spotted PRC nuclear submarine with missiles in Taiwan Strait

A military analyst spoke about a Chinese submarine capable of hitting the northeastern United States This is reported by the South China Morning Post with reference to the columnist for the US Naval Institute H.I. Sutton.

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According to the analyst who released the satellite imagery, the PRC submarine was heading north from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) base at Yulin on the southern coast of Hainan in the South China Sea. Sutton noted that this is unusual for a submarine type 094. He said that an advanced PLA submarine of this class carries JL-2 ballistic missiles with a range of about 7,000 kilometers, capable of hitting the northeastern United States.

In turn Military observer Anthony Wong-Tong confirmed that the Type 094 submarine was designed to target the United States. However, the expert pointed out that the transition of such a submarine on the surface is meaningless, unless it was done for public purposes.

Relations between the United States and China have aggravated against the background of competition in the South China Sea. Beijing claims that a significant part of the international waters in the Asia-Pacific region belongs to the PRC. These are disputed maritime areas in Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and others.

On August 30, China's Maritime Security Administration announced that all foreign ships are required to report their whereabouts when entering “Chinese” territorial waters. Now foreign ships are required to report their callsign to the Chinese administration, as well as transmit information about the transported goods.



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