Russians named 10 best cities for winter travel

KP.RU named Veliky Ustyug the best city for winter travel … Some of them even have museums and entertainment complexes associated with winter, New Year and their symbols. Top 10 Russian cities that can be visited in winter, named KP.RU.

First of all, the journalists of the portal advised to go to Veliky Ustyug, where the residence of Father Frost is located. In addition to the complex dedicated to fairy tales in the city, you can see the picturesque buildings in the old Russian style. Snegurochka's homeland is in Kostroma: in her house there is an ice room where you can taste a snow cocktail. In addition, the Ipatiev Monastery, the birthplace of the Romanov dynasty, is located outside the city.

Travelers are also advised to go to Irkutsk and Baikal. In winter, the lake is covered with ice and you can skate on it. There is an option closer to the capital – the festival city of Suzdal, where mass festivities take place on all traditional Russian winter holidays: New Year, Christmas, Epiphany and Maslenitsa.

Krasnaya Polyana is in fifth place – a winter resort for fans Alpine skiing and snowboarding, and on the sixth – Moscow, where on holidays a whole New Year's town is deployed, and the central streets are decorated with multi-colored illumination.

A mild and snowy winter can be found in Pyatigorsk. The city is famous for its sanatoriums, parks, as well as “Lermontov” townships. Cold winters and northern lights – in Arkhangelsk. If this rare natural phenomenon can be seen outside the city, then in the city itself you can look at the ancient architecture and the Novodvinskaya fortress.

For the European winter comfort, the journalists of the portal advise to go to Vyborg. This town in the Leningrad region, famous for European medieval buildings, takes on a unique look in winter. Finally, Russians are advised to go to Ples. This small and quiet town offers winter landscapes and landscapes, as well as local cafes and restaurants.