Panin remembered his drunken speeches and advised Bilan not to drink

Panin commented on Bilan’s drunken concert with the words “if you don’t know how to drink, you don’t want to take it” the words “if you don't know how to drink, you can't take it.” He advised the singer to give up alcohol, being a guest of the Thistle program, a recording of which was published on the RTVI Entertainment YouTube channel.

“I just want to say one thing. Now I looked at this tearful repentance of Dima Bilana – it certainly looks ridiculous … There is such a sunny sufferer who wants to be pitied, they say, how much he works. What Bilan said, these are crocodile tears, this is all in favor of the poor, “said the artist.

He recalled his drunken performances on stage, but stressed that he had never disrupted a single performance. Panin noted that after 50 grams of brandy, his own eyes burn. According to him, now he makes a short film in Spain and drinks wine every day on the set.

Earlier, the Kazakh blogger Birzhan Ashim published on his page a video of Bilan speaking at a drunken wedding. He called the musician “stoned” and said that Bilan was drunk. The artist had difficulty talking with the audience and did not get to the beat of the melody. After the concert, the performer turned to the fans, asked them for forgiveness and burst into tears.

Later, Bilan clarified that he had not slept for three days before going on stage and was very tired. As the artist specified, his experiences were associated with the life of his colleague, singer and composer Alexander Gradsky, who died on November 28.



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