Norwegian biathlete explained the words about the frightening look of Russian athletes

Biathlete Eckhoff about Russian athletes: they look scary because they are unhappy athletes. She is quoted by Aftonbladet.

Earlier, Eckhoff said in the podcast “Unfinished Envelope” that the extremely arrogant look of Russian women frightens her. The only biathlete from the Russian team with whom the Norwegian communicated well was Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht.

“I thought that Russian biathletes were really Russian. I said that they look scary because they are unhappy and often angry, ”explained the Norwegian. The athlete added that the misunderstanding of her words arose due to the difficulties of translation.

Russian biathlete Svetlana Mironova responded to Eckhoff's words. She told Match TV that she agreed with the Norwegian athlete. “However, this does not mean that we are evil. We just don't know English so well to communicate, “the Russian woman added.

Earlier, the Italian skier Federico Pellegrino shared his opinion on the reasons for the tensions between Russian and Norwegian athletes. He noted that the problem is related to the unclear rules of the International Ski Federation, which athletes interpret in different ways.



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