Deputy Minister of Justice announced the creation of high-tech prison colonies

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Justice Vukolov: a high-tech colony will appear in the Kaluga Region imprisonment colonies of a new type – “modern, cost-effective and high-tech institutions.” On Wednesday, December 1, Interfax reports.

According to Vukolov, the project is to concentrate all correctional institutions and a pre-trial detention center in a single center – an institution of a combined type. A pilot version of such a colony will be created in the Kaluga region.

It is assumed that in institutions of this type there will be better conditions for meetings with relatives, the activities of courts, prosecutors, lawyers and public organizations will be simplified, and the management and admission processes will be simplified. institutions will be automated using biometric data; human rights defenders will be able to freely monitor the situation in prisons.

At the same time, Vukolov noted that more than half of the correctional facilities are located in cities, which leads to the spread of the prison subculture, in addition, most of the facilities need major repairs. Therefore, digitalization is only part of the program, since the entire economic complex of the Federal Penitentiary Service needs a comprehensive renovation.