A new monument to Zhukov appeared in the center of Yekaterinburg

Another monument to Marshal Georgy Zhukov was unveiled in Yekaterinburg another sculpture dedicated to the marshal. This was reported by “Nakanune.RU”.

It is noted that the ceremony was attended by Deputy Governor Azat Salikhov, Mayor of Yekaterinburg Alexei Orlov and representatives of the Central Military District. In honor of the opening, a small parade was held along Lenin Avenue.

“I see a special symbolism in this ceremony: we are opening a monument on the birthday of Georgy Konstantinovich and at this very place where the marshal came to work. The Urals are proud that the stage of his life passed here, in the Sverdlovsk region. Today, monuments, memorial plaques installed in different cities remind of his life in the Urals, ”Salikhov said. He added that the new monument will be a tribute to Zhukov and “the entire great generation of winners.”

The installation of the monument weighing five tons is timed to coincide with the 125th anniversary of the Marshal's birthday. Its creators were inspired by the story of Zhukov's meeting at the headquarters of the Ural Military District, so they depicted him sitting in a Willys SUV.



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