The Russians were named ways to avoid falling on ice

Doctor Tyazhelnikov: during icy conditions you should give up your heels and walk without lifting your heels

Andrei Tyazhelnikov, chief specialist in primary health care for adults at the Moscow Department of Health, said. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

“Prefer shoes with flat grooved soles or with low wide heels. If it still slides, then you can stick on it strips of adhesive plaster or sandpaper, “he said.

According to the specialist, as a result of falling from a height of one's own growth there is a risk of serious injuries – contusion, dislocation, sprain and fracture. He noted that fractures of the ankles in the ankle joint and fractures of the arms often occur. “It is even more dangerous when a person falls on his back. Then the blow falls on the occipital region. As a result, not only a concussion can occur, but also a fracture of the occipital bone and massive brain damage, “Tyazhelnikov said.

The specialist emphasized that it is possible to rise after a fall only if there is no acute pain. He also urged not to treat hematomas and edema on their own, but to seek medical attention.