The producer of “Boomer” left eight apartments in Moscow without hot water

Mash: producer Chliyants deprived of water eight apartments in the building of the Union of Cinematographers in Moscow Union of Cinematographers in the center of Moscow. As a result of the hot water accident, eight apartments were lost, reports Telegram-channel Mash.

While the film producer was not at home, a pipe burst in his apartment. In the communal service, neighbors were told that to fix the problem, they would have to dismantle the wall in Chliyants' apartment and replace the damaged plumbing.

However, this will not work without his participation – the producer himself is now in Ukraine and plans to return to Moscow in mid-December … So far, only a locksmith and Chliyants' daughter were allowed into the apartment to cut off the hot water – the neighbors were left without it for the next two weeks.

Earlier, the Moscow City Hall wanted to take away the apartment from the Russian film producer and director Timur Bekmambetov. The reason for the proceedings was illegal redevelopment – after the purchase of real estate, the filmmaker demolished the load-bearing partitions and opened the floors. In 2020, the commission noticed cracks in the building and demanded that the premises be returned to their original appearance.



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